With the furlough scheme approaching its expiration (30th September), the economy is indeed picking up and we are witnessing a rise in employment. The property market is booming and we have plenty of candidates who are eager to step in a different direction and embrace a new opportunity.

Yes - employment is on the rise, but how can we improve staff retention as a business?

With employment on the rise, the flipside is that with so much on offer to candidates, how can you ensure you retain your best members of staff and stave off the temptation from other employers?

Our consultancy offering from industry expert Iain White (CEO of Crux Careers), provides outstanding training, strategic business advice and both a reactive and pro-active business plan for organisations. Such consultative advice includes the adoption of regular pay reviews, to avoid the poaching of staff.

We at Crux Careers truly understand the property sector because our advisers have a wealth of experience in all areas of the industry. We are passionate about nurturing relationships, which is evidenced by the fact that we want to work and collaborate with our clients as partners. That is why our estate agency recruitment, (which spans across London and the UK), is regarded as a leader in staff hiring and retention.

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What process do Crux Careers go through when selecting candidates for our roles?

We appreciate that finding the best candidates is imperative. We’re honest, transparent and open in all our communications, and we charge appropriately and fairly. We go through a filtration process with all our applicants. As a result, you will only be interviewing the best candidates for your vacancy. In addition, having secured your new employee, Crux Careers won’t bill you until after three months - this is so that you can be sure the candidate is the right fit for the role. Judging by our success rate, we can assure you that we won’t let you down.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and nurturing positive, long-term relationships. If you need some help recruiting for an estate agent role, why not contact us at Crux Careers? As specialists in property industry recruitment, we're preferably placed to help you find the best candidates.

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