We recognise, more than others, the need to hire the right staff to run your business. We believe our first obligation to our clients is to provide them with the necessary advice, backup, and tools to ensure vacancies do not occur in the first place and to ensure that your company is highly attractive to potential rockstar employees which negates recruitment fees down the line.

Sometimes however, good employees may start looking elsewhere due to a multitude of reasons. Instead of accepting a resignation have you considered trying to retain them? Sometimes, a pro-active approach can stop this happening and we can help by providing you with a bespoke consultancy and mentoring service that not only can highlight staffing issues before they occur but can ensure that your team are productive and happy.

We also offer a consultancy service covering process streamlining, business functionality and core operational efficiency.

Iain C White

I have over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of Estate Agency and a proven track record in both the independent and corporate world. I was a chief decision maker within Romans, serving as a shareholder and MD during my 22 years with the company, and a part of this highly successful group’s growth and innovative thinking, not to mention impressive results over an extended period of time. More recently I have enjoyed considerable success in the corporate world as MD for Countrywide Thames running multiple brands and returning them to good levels of profit with considerable growth year on year.

Change has and always will be a key focus in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. I am experienced in coaching, developing and training sales people to deliver results, I am a strong motivator and first class in project delivery and strategic thinking.

I am now engaged as a Non-Executive Director to several Estate Agency and Prop Tech companies, providing mentoring, coaching, and training solutions, as well as executing acquisition and exit strategies. I can provide an excellent insight into improving systems and processes across business streams, improving how Estate Agents attract, retain, and develop their team, as well as providing expert advice on all aspects of marketing, brand image and business culture.

Consultant to the property industry

Your Business

I've helped Estate Agents around the country to grow revenue, profit and market share. Whether you're an early-stage startup or an established larger Estate Agency, I have a proven track record of mentoring business owners and their teams to achieve exponential growth.

Your People

Are your managers and negotiators as efficient and productive as they should be? I will mentor them and help them improve their performance and achieve outstanding results. I can train them on any specific skill set, increase their job satisfaction and change their mindset by refining systems and processes and assisting business owners and senior team to create a positive can-do culture with accountability and positive implementation of your desired strategies.

Your Customers

I can help you understand what your customers are thinking about you, explain what makes your customers motivated to use you and how to engage with the type of customers you are looking to do business with. As you grow your business, I will help you learn how to attract and keep new customers.

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