When a new recruit joins your business, it's one of the most important parts of their employee journey. Here's how to make sure that onboarding a new recruit is a positive experience from Day 1.

Preparation is key

When a new recruit arrives to take up a job in an estate agency (or any other sector of the property industry), they should feel welcome, confident, and safe. The key to success is good preparation.

  • Write up an induction scheduled for the new recruit. Ideally send this to them before they start work, so they can see what their first two weeks will look like.
  • Is your office environment ready? Make sure your new employee’s workspace is prepared, including their desk (if relevant).
  • Take them through any necessary housekeeping steps - fire drills, location of toilets and kitchen.
  • Make them aware of any health and safety procedures they will need to follow.
  • Introduce them to everyone in the office.
  • As some of your staff may not get the chance to meet your new employee in person, it’s good practice to send out a company-wide email or Slack message to introduce them.