What are the best estate agent interview questions? And how do you impress great candidates applying for PropTech or real estate agent jobs? We show you how to set up and conduct the perfect interview.

Preparation and introductions

  • Plan your questions carefully, in advance and share them with any colleagues attending to avoid duplication.
  • Make sure the interview takes place in a suitable environment, with minimum noise and distractions.
  • Have water at the ready and offer it to the candidate.
  • Introduce everyone in the room and state their role in the company.

The interview

  • Describe the interview process (for instance, how many stages the candidate can expect)
  • Explain your expectations for the job role.
  • Actively listen to the candidate’s responses, using positive body language to show interest.
  • Make sure everyone in the room gets the chance to ask the questions they have prepared.

Important points

  • Be aware that you are representing the company brand
  • Candidates will remember how they were treated in the interview.
  • Talk about company values and how they are reflected in your current employees’ attitude.
  • At the end of the interview, let the candidate know when they can expect to hear from you.