They may have excelled at the interview, but will your dream candidate fit in? After a successful job interview, now comes the hard part: judging whether the candidate is right for your business.

Meeting the team

It’s vital that your new employee fits in with your current team. But even the most sophisticated interview techniques for employers aren’t much help when it comes to personal chemistry. Bringing shortlisted candidates in to meet the team is a good way to assess each individual’s suitability for the role. Invite them to walk around the office and introduce them to the people they will be working with if they are successful. Follow up by asking your employees for feedback.

Don’t skimp on background checks

Make sure that all background and screening checks are properly carried out. Your candidate may appear to be a perfect choice, but you can avoid nasty surprises by holding back the job offer until your research is in. Alternatively, make your offer conditional on receiving satisfactory references.

Consider long-term potential

One way of deciding between equally good candidates is to ask yourself who has the most potential to flourish in your company? Who has expressed the greatest desire to learn and progress? Where do they want to be in 5-10 years’ time?