First impressions matter when you’re recruiting, and that initial judgement doesn’t start at the interview. A job listing is where a candidate will decide whether they’re interested in your job or company, so you need to wow them. Here are some points that’ll help attract top quality candidates from the very start.

Required and describable skills

As much as 1 in 5 candidates are put off applying for jobs with unclear descriptions, so it’s important to clarify exactly what you’re looking for. Outline the key requirements of the role, such as specific qualifications, character traits, and needed experience. Highlight any skills that are desirable but not essential to the role. This could attract a higher standard of candidate who want to reach their full potential. Try to avoid clichés or vague terms and get into specifics with informative, clear descriptions. What are you actually looking for? What would make a good fit and addition to your team? (


Flexibly working became a staple in office life after the pandemic, and it is here to stay. It is a key way that candidates find a work/ life balance and a big attraction to jobs. It’s not just a bonus for employees, productivity is improved as it is reported that 79% of workers find they are more productive with a flexible work arrangement. This also encourages candidates with disabilities for applying to jobs, who may otherwise be unable to commit to a full in office schedule.

Company Values

Modern candidates are attracted to companies they feel match their own values, and you want to find candidates that share the same principles as you, so be sure to highlight the ones that matter to you. These can be as specific as diversity and inclusivity measures you take in the office, or as broad as valuing qualities such as creativity, honesty, and reliability. Candidates are excited to do work they feel is meaningful and this is also proven to boost morale and reduce staff turnover.

Salary and Benefits

There is more that attracts a candidate to a job than just their paycheque. Desirable perks such as gym memberships, employee assistance plans, dental and vision insurance, childcare, paid vacation, family leave, disability benefits, paid training can be just as important to a candidate’s life as their income, and this can drastically factor into their job hunting.

When it comes to salary, there may be a temptation to leave it off to attract a more challenge-orientated candidate or appear more intriguing with room to negotiate down the line, but candidates are far more likely to apply to a role with the salary listed. Some may even consider a job listing without a salary suspicious and ignore it entirely.

Career Progression and opportunities to grow

Candidates want to feel like there is a future in their position and that it is aiding their personal development. Consider what ways you can provide support for this. Are there training programs you offer or mentoring schemes? What are the promotional opportunities? By showing you care about their career aspirations, you are likely to attract candidates hungry for a fulfilling career.

Job adverts don’t need to be -- and shouldn’t be -- extensively long listings, but just touching on these few points could improve the quality and standard of candidates applying for your position. It also leaves them wanting to know more about the role and your company.