What are the top skills for an estate agent and how can you develop these talents and qualities so that the best agencies will want to hire you? We have collated a list of skill sets employers are currently looking for.

Be a ‘people person’

For some, a house move may simply be the next step up the property ladder. However, few others may be moving on due to a change in circumstances or a difficult family situation.

 In any case, moving house is usually stressful, and that’s why one of the most integral estate agent skills is the ability to show empathy, compassion and listen attentively.
Learn to negotiate

One of the key skills an estate agent must have is the art of negotiation. This involves creating a careful balance between buyer and seller or landlord and tenant, with the result that all parties involved feel that they have achieved success. 

To win trust, an estate agent should be diplomatic, fair, honest and transparent in all their dealings with clients.

Knowledge of the sector/market

A thorough knowledge of property is also essential. Agents should be able to guide clients through buying and selling their home, including the legal technicalities. You’ll also need detailed knowledge of the local area your agency serves.

Communication is key

Estate agency is a fast-paced world that demands excellent communication, good timekeeping and a high degree of accuracy. These skills are required by estate agents because the stakes are so high, as clients make property purchases costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

An estate agent should be a multitasker - able to deal with new client viewings and ongoing property transactions whilst also following up on new leads!
Be a go-getter

A competitive nature can give you the edge when you are fighting to achieve agency targets and win new clients. However, you’ll also need to resolve with patience and determination: property transactions typically take months, and nothing is certain until buyer and seller exchange contracts and complete. 
Most importantly, you should have a real passion for serving people and helping them find the home of their dreams.
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