If a highly-rated employee from a top estate agent or PropTech company moved to your area searching for a job, how would you know?

One of the recent employment trends we’ve observed at Crux Careers could make it easier to hire the right employee if there’s a shortage of high quality candidates in your local area.

A hidden market for top candidates is currently emerging, and it could bring the perfect applicant right to your doorstep.

What’s changed within estate agency recruitment?

After twelve months of lockdown misery, pandemic restrictions have led many of us to re-evaluate our lifestyles. Property professionals are particularly aware of this, having seen a massive increase in client requests for properties with home offices, outdoor spaces or rural views.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that some property industry employees have decided to make their transformational home moves in search of a better lifestyle: relocating from the city to the countryside, or vice versa.  

Moving far away from familiar surroundings may feel like an exciting adventure, but it’s not without some risk to an employee’s career progression.  After moving to a new area, some high-quality candidates can struggle to find the right employment opportunities. 

At the same time, local employers desperate to recruit the best available talent are unaware that a high-calibre candidate has arrived in town.

How to find the right candidate when distance is no object?

Under these circumstances, a good recruitment agency acts as a bridge between relocating agents and employees looking for experienced staff members to join their business.  

Crux Careers is a specialist recruitment agency run by property professionals with well-established networks right across the UK property industry. Our success is based on building positive, long-term relationships with both employees and candidates, so we are often the first to hear when someone plans to move on.

If that move involves relocation to a different part of the country, we will alert our clients in that region. That means in addition to the usual benefits of using an agency for shortlisting and screening candidates, and employers get to hear about top people who may be on the move to their area.

If you’d like some advice on recruiting the best estate agent or PropTech candidates or you have a job opportunity you’d like to share with us, we would love to hear from you, so why not get in touch?