As a property professional, it's reassuring to know that wherever you choose to relocate in the UK, your skills will still be in demand. And if the Covid-19 pandemic has led you (like many others) to re-imagine your way of life, you may already have started to make that transformational move.

Whether you're planning an escape to the country or beginning a new life under bright city lights, there will always be employers eager to sign you up. But how, as a stranger in a new town, do you find the ideal job to accompany your post-pandemic lifestyle change?

How to find the best estate agent in your new location?

Let's face it, as an estate agent you have a natural advantage when it comes to planning a home move. You know how to research the key facts about your chosen area (access to good schools, open green spaces, cultural amenities, sports and fitness facilities). You'll also have a keen eye for an exceptional property and the experience to negotiate the best price.

But while it may be relatively straightforward to pick your dream location, it’s not always so easy when it comes to finding the right job. The streets of your new town or city may abound with competing & For Sale or To Let signs, but how do you know which local estate agents offer the best career prospects?

How to find the best job for your lifestyle change?

That's where a specialist recruitment agency like Crux Careers can help. With a nationwide network of contacts in the property industry, we can introduce you to estate agents recruiting in your local area. We also know which agents can offer you the best employment prospects.

At Crux, we don’t just fill vacancies, and we build careers: that means we won’t send you to an interview unless we're sure it’s the perfect fit. We aim to develop a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with you, so when we refer you for job interviews, it will be with employers who can help you build your skills and grow your career. We'd love to hear from you, so why not get in touch and share your relocation plans with us?

Looking for great PropTech and property service jobs?

Our offer to find you the perfect job also extends to exciting PropTech and property service opportunities with some of the UK's leading suppliers. It's a fast-growing sector, so contact us for more information.