So you've finally got an interview for the estate agent job you've set your heart on? Congratulations! To help you on your way, we've identified five real estate job interview questions that a potential employer might ask, together with hints on how you could answer.

1) What is an estate agent? And what do you believe this role entails?

Given that you've applied for a job as an estate agent, this may seem like a strange question! But it's an opportunity for you to show that you have a good understanding of the role. An estate agent's job includes interacting with members of the public, liaising with other property professionals and handling admin tasks, so don't forget to cover these aspects in your answer. You could also mention the requirement to stay up to date with changing consumer demands and new government legislation.

2) Why do you think you would be a good fit for this role?

It's essential to undertake detailed research before you attend an interview, and this is the kind of real estate agent interview question where careful homework could really pay off. The interviewer is asking you to match your skills and personality with what you know about the company and the job role offered. For instance, is the business active in the community? That's a good fit if you have volunteering experience. Have they embraced new technologies? You could describe your enthusiasm for technical innovation in the workplace.

3) What are you looking for in your next role/next employer?

It should be fairly easy to identify reasons why the new job will be a step forward for you (perhaps it offers more responsibility or a different challenge?) If the question relates to your next employer, you could pick out one or two aspects of the job brief that appeal: perhaps this employer has a more flexible approach to working hours or is willing to offer more training? When you answer this question, try to avoid making unfavourable comparisons with your last employer.

4) Why do you want to become an estate agent?

This is your chance to demonstrate your ambition and passion for the job. You could explain that you want to help people find their dream homes, mention your interest in property or say you enjoy meeting new people and learning about a local area.

5) What relevant experience have you had, and do you have any transferable skills?

If this is your first interview for an estate agent job, it’s important to pick out aspects of your last job that could add value (transferable skills). For example, have you previously worked in a people-facing role? Did your job involve some administrative tasks that required 100% accuracy? Are you used to driving to meetings, and are you good at timekeeping?

Applicants who have prior experience working for an estate agent should take this opportunity to describe how they overcame any challenges they faced in their previous job roles and list all relevant achievements.

Getting that all-important interview

If you've yet to be offered an interview for your ideal job in the property industry and could use some help, why not get in touch with us at Crux Careers? Drawing on our UK-wide networks, our experienced recruitment advisors can help you secure your ideal estate agency placement.