You've held the interviews, chosen your candidate, negotiated their salary, and now your recruit is about to start work.  Job done, right?  Not quite. The last phase of your recruitment campaign should be a well-planned induction.  

Here are some hints on how to prepare a seamless onboarding process for new staff.

How do you successfully integrate new employees?

You can get your new team member ready to hit the ground running with a simple onboarding plan:

  • Give a call a day before the joining date to reconfirm office hours and offer information on the shortest route to the office or any other helpful guidance.
  • Thoroughly prepare their workspace, providing all the equipment they will need to do the job.
  • Provide a tour of the premises, including basic housekeeping information.  Point out any safety procedures or hazards.
  • Create a welcome pack.  This could include a mug or t-shirt printed with the company logo and a gift card for the nearest coffee shop, together with any documentation they will need to help with orientation.
  • Assign them a 'buddy': a member of staff who will be happy to act as a cheerleader and mentor during that crucial first week (the key here is to ensure that the buddy you choose has a cheerful personality and outlook).

What makes a good onboarding experience?

We've all experienced that scary 'first day in the job' feeling. So it's not hard to understand the importance of making employees feel valued and comfortable joining your organisation. You can ease the transition by ensuring the recruit receives a really warm welcome from their colleagues.

 Making current staff feel involved in the onboarding process is part of HR best practice. For example, your team could create a video to introduce themselves, or they could organise a welcome lunch. 

In the days that follow, arrange as many one to one meetings as possible so your new staff member can quickly get to know colleagues and clients.

How do you keep track of new hires?

Once your new employee has had a few weeks to adjust to the role, arrange a meeting to determine how they are settling in.  Encourage them to be open and honest about their experiences, and pay close attention to any feedback: it could help you improve your staff induction processes in future.

If you need a hand with recruiting new staff, we'd love to hear from you. Crux Careers can also help with a range of other HR services, including mentoring and training, so why not get in touch with us to discuss your next recruitment campaign?