When you are recruiting for an estate agent's role, how do you process applicants with no track record of working in the property industry? Do you simply discard them in favour of experienced candidates?

If your applicants have been successful in other work roles, the chances are that they have already acquired many of the key skills for the job. Estate agents need a wide range of talents and abilities to build a successful career. So when you are screening CVs, it could pay to look out for the following transferable skills that make a great estate agent:

  1. Empathy A fundamental skill required to be an estate agent is the ability to empathise with others, so do check if the candidate has previously worked with clients in a personal capacity. Moving home can be a stressful time, and a good agent should understand how people feel when faced with a significant lifestyle change.
  2. Passion for property Ideally, you will be looking for a candidate with a genuine love of bricks and mortar. While that interest may not be easily identifiable from a CV, it's something you can explore at the interview stage. It also helps if the applicant can demonstrate a strong knowledge of their local area.
  3. Negotiation Skills A good estate agent should enjoy the challenge of helping clients secure a great property deal. The candidate should demonstrate a balanced attitude, understanding that in a successful negotiation, all parties involved should feel they have achieved the best result possible.
  4. Excellent communication The ability to communicate quickly, clearly and accurately is indefinitely a transferrable skill. Identify candidates whose past job roles have required effective communication and great attention to detail.
  5. An outgoing personality Clients may feel stressed by the pressure of moving house, so their agent must remain positive and upbeat throughout the transaction. Look for candidates with an outgoing nature who would be willing to go the extra mile for their clients.
  6. Good time management Last but definitely not least, candidates should be able to prove that they have excellent time management skills. Does the candidate's CV list any roles where timekeeping was crucial.

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