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The furlough scheme has supported many people’s income during a period of financial uncertainty. Fundamentally a scheme where the government contributes to most of the wages of people who cannot work, or whose employers cannot afford to pay employers – the scheme has been a rock to many and expires on 30th September.

However, no fear! The economy is picking up and we are witnessing a rise in employment and the property market is booming which is why there has never been a better time to consider a career in estate agency.


What about job security? Is it really the right time to change direction?

In actual fact, yes. The sector is really energised, as a result of the stamp duty holiday which ends in October. That doesn’t mean to say from October, the sector will quieten, as the property industry is always active. You could say it is like New York. It never sleeps.


Worried about not having the right skills? Are you from a different sector altogether?

Our aim is to progress your career, whether you stay with the same company or decide to move elsewhere. We’ll only put you forward for interviews where you’re sure to shine. To help you stand out from the crowd, we can offer additional services such as Psychometric Testing, Interview Preparation and Video Resumes. We can also fine-tune your CV for maximum impact.


There is great power in transferrable skills

If you had previously found it a challenge getting into a job in property if you hadn’t been in the industry before – or alternatively you might have had to take a pay cut or start at the bottom, now it is different. Agencies recognise transferrable skills from other sectors. For instance, providing excellent customer service, being target driven, coming from an office management or administrative background.

As a result of these transferrable skills, salaries are higher and more attractive, as you don’t necessarily have to go in at the bottom level.

If your employer requests it, you could also benefit from our training and mentoring opportunities by estate agency industry expert Iain White, designed to help you develop and grow in your new role. For more information on our training courses, please click here.


Why choose Crux Careers?

Our approach to estate agency and PropTech recruitment in the UK is refreshingly different. We’re honest and straightforward in all our interactions, and we charge appropriately and fairly.

There is no doubt that we are experts in the sector. If you need some help recruiting for an estate agent role, why not contact us at Crux Careers? As an agency specialising in property industry recruitment, we're ideally placed to help you source the perfect candidates. 

There are lots of roles currently available and candidates are quite scarce due to fears of redundancy. Consequently, it is the most opportunistic time to look for that new role.


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