There is no doubt that Covid-19 has threatened and provoked the nation. For a year and a half, our daily routines have been forced to alter. We have lived under strict rules and complied with new regulations, such as ‘Hands, Face, Space,’ which has had an adverse effect on many people’s mental health.

If your mental health has been impacted by the Coronavirus, the following tips should help boost morale, support mental health and provide safety precautions to help shrink anxieties prior to returning to the workplace. 

As Estate Agents face a surge in the property market, there is not only the challenge of busy schedules but also the added requirement of entering more homes. But no fear, the below illustrates a reassuring how-to guide on mindfulness and tips for those who fear returning to work. 

1. How to boost morale

There is no denying that a good morale helps to build rapport and energy within a team. From our experience, the Crux Careers team have already ticked off the following:

  • Burger King Friday
  • Coffee breakfast
  • Spotify playlists
  • Mindfulness (book exchanges)

There is great simplicity in these team bonding ‘socially-distanced' exercises. You don’t need a highly choreographed spreadsheet to pre-arrange or to be a meat eater to enjoy a Burger King! Our Head of Marketing recently ordered a bean burger, and the review was hugely positive! Anyway, we digress…When based in the office, music (played at a reasonable volume) can be a great method to boost the team spirit and exuberate positivity. We would just recommend that the team works on creating a playlist…as at Crux we appreciate not everyone likes drum and base!

We also appreciate the importance of supporting local businesses. So why not suggest that the team enjoy a hot cup of coco from the local coffee shop to kick start the day? Estate Agents excel if they are personable, friendly and passionate about what they do – and a good team breakfast never fails to provide great energy! 

2. Precautions to avoid Covid-19

Please do stay home when needed: If you feel any of these symptoms, please do stay at home and find out what to do if you are sick, yet also when you can be around others.

Pay attention to any changes in temperature (fever), coughs and shortness of breath.  

•    Take your temperature if symptoms develop. Now you can order 7 free rapid lateral flow tests from the NHS website here

•    Wear your mask – let’s face it (no pun intended) you can purchase face masks in a variety of styles now!

•    Please note that wearing a mask does not mean stop practicing social distancing. 
•    Wear your mask whilst entering a property. This is also necessary for the client. 
•    If you feel more comfortable doing so, we recommend that you wear biodegradable gloves to prevent spreading germs around the property.

Don’t forget to socially distance: Whilst showing a client around a property, it can be challenging to stay at a 2-meter distance if the property is of a smaller scale. We would recommend that you show the client a print-out of the property prior to the meeting. This way, they can gauge the layout of the property should it be difficult for both agent and client to tour the property at the same time. 

Another option is to allow 2 people maximum in the property at one time. This will allow for ample space.

Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds minimum and use a hand sanitiser that is 60% alcohol or more.

•    It is also important to avoid contact with the eyes and face. Remember – ‘Hands, Face, Space!’

Cover your mouth if you cough, sneeze or yawn.

And finally, communication is important more than ever! Keep your clients posted on protocols and business continuity plans. If you feel under the weather, keep your clients in the loop.

3. Manage workplace safety

To ensure professionalism, a good Estate Agent should demonstrate compassion, thoughtfulness, as well as a balanced attitude. Both parties should be made to feel at ease under the new regulations. The following could help reduce anxieties:

•    Ensure that you clean your workstation as often as possible with anti-bacterial wipes and disinfect communal spaces
•    Replace gloves and masks on a regular basis
•    Utilise the hand sanitiser stations that are distributed around the workplace
•    Carry sanitiser with you at all times
•    Avoid sharing objects and equipment: including phones, stationery, seats, laptops, computers and mouses.
•    Share property printouts (for the client) in a clear folder to reduce the spread of germs.

4. Cleanliness about the Office, Public Infrastructure & more

With clients now able to attend face-to-face meetings, Estate Agents should ensure that the physical space (the office and property) is kept clean, inviting and well-ventilated. 

•    Open the windows for short spells
•    Provide sanitisation, spare masks and gloves for clients should they forget their own
•    Use a face-mask whilst on public transport or walk if possible to avoid the use of public transport
•    Use protective screens inside the office 

5. Family & Childcare 

As we begin to return to some level of normality, there is the added pressure of protecting families and re-instating childcare. Whilst there is a need to start returning to work (on a physical level), many employers still offer flexibility such as working from home. Whilst this is only a short-term solution, do ensure that you communicate with internal stakeholders to prevent a breakdown in communication.
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