No matter whether you’re a fresh candidate or a seasoned professional, first days at a new job can be nerve wracking. There is a lot of new information to take in, new faces and places to remember, and you want to make a great first impression. Follow our guide on nailing your first day to get through it with ease.

1. Do you research

You may have done your research on the company as part of your job interview prep, but this time you’re looking less for the company as whole and more for the day to day. Look across the social media platforms to get a sense of the office culture and appropriate attire. Have a look at the company’s Meet the Team profiles on their website to familiarise yourself with who you will be working with and each department, so it won’t be brand new on the day. You can also reach out directly for the employee handbook before your first day and ask if there’s anything else you could prepare in advance or fill in to save some time on the actual day.

2. Know your routine

You don’t want to discover at 5 to 9 on your first day that it takes an extra half an hour to get to your new job at rush hour. Test out your route beforehand and in the exact same circumstances as you will when you start. Research what is nearby for lunch breaks, so you don’t waste time hunting for a good spot on the day. If you’re working from home or know you will be flexibly working, ensure your workspace is ready and functional, your internet is strong, and your laptop is up to the task. Smoothing out any potential wrinkles early on means that you can focus just on the work on the day.

3. Create a list of questions and prepare to take notes

On the day you might be too overwhelmed with new information to think about what you don’t know. So beforehand consider what you want to know in advance. Think what your new role will entail and think about what you’ll need to know to get it done. Throughout the day, mark off what you’ve learnt while also making notes, then when you’re prompted to ask anything during the onboarding process, you can consult the notes to refresh yourself on what still needs answering.

4. Connect with your team

Make the effort to engage with your new team as first impressions do matter. Show a genuine interest in what they do and what they have to say, make eye contact when making conversation, ask follow up questions, make note of what they tell you. Most important of all, ensure you listen to what they tell you as it’ll help with ways to connect with them, and they might provide you with helpful information.

5. Take care of yourself

It’s important to ensure you are making your mental and physical health a priority. This is a stressful transition period, and you may be tempted to push yourself harder but remember that if you’re not feeling 100%, you can’t give 100%. Get plenty of sleep, perform calming exercises, get in some physical exercise, and be kind to yourself.

Remember, your new employers have already decided you’re a good fit for their company, so don’t fret too much. Just show up and be you!