It's a great feeling when you leave an interview knowing that you've aced every question. So how do you achieve that successful job interview glow? Follow our interview tips here to learn more.

Put in the groundwork

Carry out some preliminary research on the company. It's good to get an all-around perspective, so explore their products (or the kind of properties they handle), read customer reviews, and check out their competitors.

Pay attention to the brief

Read the job brief carefully and write down any questions that occur to you. Note down any aspects of the job where you feel you could excel, based on your past work experience. ### Best foot forward Prepare your outfit the day before the interview, ensuring that your clothes look fresh, clean, and presentable. Make thorough travel plans in advance, so you can arrive on time. Try to avoid having a late-night just before the interview date.

Pre-interview nerves

On the day of the interview try to arrive in the area a little early, so you’re not racing to find the company’s offices. Smile, make eye contact and listen carefully. Keep answers to questions reasonably short and concise, and when the interview is over, don’t forget to thank the employer for their time.