What do you need to build an estate agent career, or join one of the UK’s leading property industry suppliers? A well-written, well-presented CV is the baseline for creating those career opportunities.

The personal touch

Start by writing a brief, personal statement at the top of the CV. This should explain who you are, what position you currently hold, and what you would like to do, going forward. You could also highlight some of your key skills and attributes here.

Keep it short

Avoid making your CV too long, as employers just don’t have time to read several pages, itemising each and every step in your career. It might be helpful to summarise your earliest jobs in a short paragraph rather than listing each position individually. This is particularly important if they are not relevant to the role you are applying for.

Show off your achievements

Your CV should be a showcase of everything you have achieved, from educational qualifications to workplace training programmes and awards. Make sure you don’t leave anything out.