It’s the question that you’ll invariably get at the end of every interview, and the one that can be the easiest to fumble over. This is the moment where you can explain exactly what brought you into the interview room and why you should be hired, so you’ll want to answer it right. Even if you’re not asked it outright, any interviewer is certain to want to know this information and you should always try to convey the message throughout the interview.

So, what are interviewers really after when they ask this? It’s not to trip you up or to ask you to fawn over their company. It’s more a way of understanding you; what skills you have, how interested you are in the job (and how much effort you’ve put into preparing for the interview), and what you’ll bring to the role and company as a whole. Now, let’s get into exactly how you can answer this question.

Explain why this company

You need to prove you know at least a little bit about the company you’re interviewing for, as any praise you could have for it would feel hollow without something to back it up. So do your research, look at their website and social media. This is also the time to go into specifics. This isn’t what appeals to you about your field in general, this is about this company. What makes them stand out? How do they appeal to you? What is their selling point? And of course, how do you fit into it? Zeroing in on something that others might not pick up on is a good way to make yourself stand out.

Explain how this role will aid your progression

Companies like to know you have potential to provide value to them not only in the current role, but in the long-term as well. They want to see drive, commitment, and someone who has a clear idea of where they want to be.

When you answer the question, explain how the company and their work environment can help you grow and develop the skills you have already (doesn’t hurt to do a bit of humble bragging here). Remember, ambition doesn’t mean you won’t be sticking around in the job for long, it just means you have the drive to advance and do a good job so you can advance.

Bridge your experiences and the job description

For every compliment you pay the company, you’ll want to find a way to link that back to yourself. You’re trying to prove to them that you would make the perfect match. The first way to do this is with your own experience. Try and relate what they are currently doing to what you’ve done in the past, you don’t need to go into too much detail, there’s time for that later, but make it clear that you know what you’re doing while being excited about new challenges. It doesn’t all have to be work related, for example, if the company does a lot of charity work, talk about your own history of fundraising and volunteering and why those ethics matter to you. The other way to do this if you don’t have literal experience in the field is to relate it to your skills. Check the ‘required skills’ on the job listing and try and work that into the conversation to prove that you are what they are looking for.

Keep it relevant and succinct

You don’t want to find yourself listing off a company’s great qualities and history with no point to it. This is your time to sell yourself and not just convey a lot of memorised facts. They know their company, but they don’t know you. In a similar vein, don’t bring up extraneous information about what appeals to you about this job. If the job is just a 5-minute drive from your gym, that’s a great perk for you, but it’s not going to sell you to the interviewer.

Show real enthusiasm

Your answer should show that you are genuinely interested and invested in the company you’re aiming to work for. This doesn’t have to be over the top, just convey that there’s something that really speaks to you and draws you to the role or company. It could be expanding on a skill you want to improve on, or an aspect of the company’s culture that appeals to you. Highlighting one key feature that you’re actually interested in is of more value than a generic answer they’ll hear from everyone. They want to see you are professional but also a real person, with opinions and values who’s not just showing up for a pay cheque.

If you want to learn more about how to get prepared for an interview, don’t hesitate to reach out for friendly advice from one of our agents.