Interviews aren’t just about giving the right answers, asking the right questions is just as important. The portion of the interview where it’s your turn to ask the questions is an ample opportunity to sell yourself to your potential employer and demonstrate your suitability for the role. So, try out these questions in your next interview to help you make a lasting impression in your next interview!

“What’s the most important thing I should accomplish in the first 90 days?”
In an interview you want to convey that you will be a major asset to the team and asking for clear goals demonstrates proactive thinking and a readiness to get stuck into your work straight away. It shows an eagerness to align with a company’s goals and objectives, while being realistic about what can be achieved. This is also a good way of getting details on key projects that you wouldn’t otherwise hear about, which can help flesh out your understanding of the work you’ll be doing.

“What’s your favourite part of working here?”
This is a great way to gain not only insight into the company you’ll be working for, but the person you’ll be working with. The interviewer’s answer can give valuable insight into the running of the company, perks you might not have considered, and just what makes the company unique. It’ll also be a great chance of building a rapport with them and make a connection – they could love that the office is right next to your favourite coffee shop! This is also a good chance to gauge how genuine their enthusiasm for the job is – if it doesn’t come across as authentic, this might not be the right office culture for you.

“How has the company changed over the last few years?”
You want to know – and more importantly, you want your interview to see you want to know - that the company you’re working for is interested in growth, future direction, and executing it’s promises, and there’s no better way of doing that than seeing how it’s progressed over the last few years. This demonstrates that you are eager to be part of a dynamic and thriving company and invested in its continual growth and strategy to excel. This question invites the interview to share their experiences and insights into the company and you can gain valuable insight into it’s past and future.

“Can you describe a typical day or week in the job?”
Asking for an expansion on your typical work week is not only a good way to determining your main responsibilities, but it’ll also provide an opportunity for you to ask well-informed follow up questions and expand upon your experience (great place to drop in more of your past responsibilities and achievements too). It also demonstrates your eagerness in understanding the role and determining whether the job is right for you.

“How will you measure the success of the person in this position?”
Success is everyone’s goal and showing that you want to be hitting the right targets and ticking the right boxes from the start is a great way to make a strong impression. It conveys that you are results-orientated and focused but also willing to be held accountable for your performance. It demonstrates your interest in understanding your teams and employees needs and expectations - you want to be as useful as possible!

Asking questions in an interview is as much a demonstration of your value as a candidate as any other part of the interview process and can aid in leaving a lasting impression with your interviewer. So go ahead and try these in your next interview and show them why you’re a perfect fit for the role!