Unveiling Our Legal Luminary, Eliana Perdios!

Introducing Eliana Perdios, our remarkable Head of Legal Recruitment, whose journey from law to entrepreneurship has carved a unique path filled with innovation and success.

Legal Expertise: Eliana is a seasoned solicitor, specializing in employment law. Her legal acumen brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, ensuring that legal recruitment is executed with precision and insight.

Empowerment Through Flexibility: After welcoming her children into her life, Eliana sought a more flexible professional avenue. Embracing consultancy work allowed her to balance her role around her personal responsibilities, fostering a harmonious work-life integration.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Eliana's journey isn't confined to the legal world alone. In the past decade, she embarked on an entrepreneurial venture, establishing a thriving toy company. Her brainchild, "Nutty Putty," an arts and crafts marvel for kids, soared to bestseller status, embodying her creativity and vision.

Bookworm & Current Affairs Enthusiast: Beyond the legal intricacies, Eliana's passion for reading and staying informed about current affairs takes center stage. Her curiosity drives her to explore a wide array of subjects, expanding her horizons and enriching her perspective.

True Football Fervor: Amidst her multifaceted endeavors, Eliana is a staunch supporter of Tottenham Hotspur. Her loyalty to the team is unwavering, even through the ups and downs that come with football fandom.

Eliana Perdios embodies the spirit of adaptability and innovation. Her journey showcases how versatility can shape a successful career that seamlessly blends law, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to family. Let's celebrate Eliana's extraordinary accomplishments and diverse passions as she continues to inspire us all!