We take a holistic approach to recruitment and staff development: that’s why industry-approved employee mentoring and training programmes can be included in the service we offer employers. Through our sister company, Agency Mentors, we can offer cutting edge workshops, training courses and HR mentoring programmes delivered by inspirational industry leaders. Agency Mentors is the UK's Leading Estate Agency Training and Mentoring Specialist and our clients can claim a 10% discount on training modules.

Quality HR training designed to meet industry needs

Our dynamic HR training programmes are designed to teach new skills, widen knowledge and increase motivation. They have been developed in response to a genuine need within the industry for fresh, relevant training modules that are capable of achieving measurable results. Through Agency Mentors we can offer e-learning modules, day delegate courses, 12-month development programmes and leadership courses, from manager to CEO level.

HR mentoring that transforms staff performance

Would you or your team benefit from mentoring programmes in the workplace? All our mentors are well-respected and successful industry figures, able to offer help and guidance across all sectors of the industry. We offer mentoring opportunities for estate agents, PropTech companies and suppliers to the property industry. Estate agents can benefit from bespoke mentoring programmes or join a network of like-minded agents who have come together to share ideas, learn and grow.