Crux Careers

We will, We won't

We will...

  • We will set up interviews for suitable vacancies on your behalf.
  • We will fairly charge the company we place you with meaning they can pay you your full worth.
  • We will assist you if required to create a Video Resume, CV and Psychometric Testing to make sure your application for an approved position stands out from the crowd.
  • We will assist if you or your new employer requires us to do so, by way of Mentoring you in the early stages of your new career (additional cost applies).

We won't...

  • We won't waste your time to make ourselves look busy with opportunities you have no chance of getting.
  • We won't charge silly fees jeopardising the package you are ultimately offered.
  • We won't over sell you and simply send your CV and hope for the best you get the job.
  • We will not just leave you to sink or swim in your new role as soon as our fee is paid.