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5 Killer Interview Questions, and 5 best left unasked!

5 Great Interview Questions, and 5 Best Left Unasked!

Interviews – where you truly get the measure of the person you are meeting and decide if they are the right person to join your business. Always remember, that this person is also interviewing you. In todays candidate driven market, if you are keen on them, then I can assure you that there is a very strong chance you will not be the only one, so here are a few questions to help you make the right impression to the candidate:

  1. What drives you outside of work? We all come to work to earn money to do what we want to outside of it. Whether it is a new car, new house or just generally having a great time, getting to know what is going to motivate this person over the coming months is key. Not only that, but this question shows them that you actually care why they are there, not just that they are here to make you money.
  2. What can we do to help you develop? Everyone likes to feel cared for, and by giving this person the chance to, before they have even started, tell you where you can help them develop, they will like the thought of working for you that little bit more. A big dual purpose here though, they will tell you their weak points in a fairly open and honest way
  3. In your last role, what came naturally and what did you have to try at? Ask this for the same reason as number two, they will open up on their weaknesses a lot more than you just asking ‘what are your weaknesses?’
  4. How have you handled setbacks in life and work? This will just get the candidate to open up to you, and lets be honest, after we have shared our own personal setbacks with someone whether we have just met them or not, we feel a connection with them on a more friendly level. If they end up with a similar offer from you and another company, then they are more likely to go with the person that they feel (closer, friendship) to.
  5. What makes you good for this role? Cards on the table is always a great approach to take – its honest and will be refreshing for the person sat opposite you. It will put them a little on the spot too, and you will get to see how they handle a little bit of unexpected pressure. The good candidates will answer this one well and straight away, but the poor candidates will stumble around and you will have a better idea if they are right for you.

Now, five that will drive the candidate away

  1. Fun questions like “if you were an animal/fruit/colour, which would you be?” we are not in 2007 anymore, and these questions are just irrelevant.
  2. Brainteasers and Quizzes. I am one of the few people who loves taking a quiz or brainteaser, but where we have seen these questions asked in an interview, we have seen really negative feedback from candidates. Why? Simple – the person is here to be assessed on more than just their intelligence. Sure, you need a level of intelligence to sell anything, but I am sure that you would have sussed out in 30 seconds whether this person is on the right level.
  3. Why are you here? I was debriefing a candidate the other day who had just interviewed with a new client and this question had been asked. I thought that maybe the candidate had just not done a great job, and was braced for a No, but then received an offer, which was a lovely surprise. I asked the client about this question, as it had really stuck out and they said they ask it every time. their offer was accepted by the candidate, after some convincing, and throughout this part of the process that question kept coming up. It may seem like a little thing, but seeming standoffish, or asking an obvious question will not make you seem a credible employer.
  4. “How would you…” try to keep away from the subjective. The worst thing you can do in any interview, especially sales based ones, is to ask questions which have no clear metric. You will be doing yourself no favours by taking this route
  5. “Where do you want to be in five years?” an old favourite of many employers, and very different to asking someone what drives them. If anyone told me that I would be married with 4 kids and running a business 5 years ago – I’d have though that they were mad! None of us really know what’s around the corner and how our life is going to turn out, so don’t ask someone to get their crystal ball out.

Our experts are always on hand to help you when it comes to finding new staff, and nailing the techniques that go along with getting that interview perfect.

And remember, when interviewing people, you need to stay to the point. Interviewing is an Objective process, so keep it that way.